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WYSO Weekend: September 14, 2014

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

  • Ohio legislators are trying to figure out how to pay down almost $1.4 billion in debt to the federal government for the state's unemployment fund. Ohio's Unemployment Compensation Study Committee held a hearing in Clark County Tuesday to address concerns about the fund.
  • Ohio’s U.S. Senators have introduced two bills that address the problems with toxic microcystins, a result of blue-green algae in the state’s waters. Toxins from algal blooms in Lake Erie caused a two-day shutdown of Toledo’s water system in August. But as WYSO’s Lewis Wallace reports, neither piece of legislation gets at the primary source of the pollution.
  • An annual report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Children’s Defense Fund and finds that despite a perceived economic recovery, child poverty remains a serious issue in the state of Ohio. Dawn Wallace-Pascoe is the Kids Count Project Manager with Children’s Defense Fund Ohio.  She gave us an overview of the report and what it means for kids in Ohio. 
  • Back in June, soccer fever swept around the globe during the World Cup finals, and locally, many businesses saw a positive economic impact as fans gathered in restaurants and bars to watch the tournament. On Friday and Saturday, world soccer was back—at least in the Miami Valley—as players from Dayton’s immigrant communities take to the field in the third annual Dayton World Soccer games. The games were organized by the City of Dayton Youth Services Department—Director, Joe Parlette, says they were born out of the Welcome Dayton initiative.
  • Thursday was the thirteenth anniversary of the tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York City. Since 2004, firefighters around the nation have held an event called the Memorial Stair Climb – in which firefighters climb 110 stories to remember their comrades who died in service at the World Trade Center.  The Miami Township Fire and Rescue squad in Yellow Springs will hold their first Memorial stair climb on Saturday, September 27.   I spoke with Miami Township Fire Chief Collin Altman to learn more about the event and his thoughts on 9-11 this many years later.
  • Twenty-seven percent of Ohio's ex-offenders go back to prison according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. That number is lower than the national average. Next year, a record breaking number of nearly 20 thousand ex-offenders will be released in Ohio. Community Voice producer Jonathan Platt has this story about one non-profit that is providing a way for ex-offenders to make the transition back into society.
  • “Gem City”—that phrase should sound familiar to most people in the Miami Valley. A quick glance into the Yellow Pages, or, since it’s 2014, a quick Google search, reveals a list of several dozen Dayton area groups and businesses that use the name. But what’s that nickname for Dayton all about? Two WYSO listeners, Dot Schnering and Gary Honnert, asked the question. So, Community voices producer Lauren Shows went on a treasure hunt for WYSO Curious.
  • Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will's Miami Valley Almanack.

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Jerry Kenney was introduced to WYSO by a friend and within a year of first tuning in became an avid listener and supporter. He began volunteering at the station in 1991 and began hosting Alpha Rhythms in February of 1992. Jerry joined the WYSO staff in 2007 as a host of All Things Considered and soon transitioned into hosting Morning Edition. In addition to now hosting All Things Considered, Jerry is the host and producer of WYSO Weekend, WYSO's weekly news and arts magazine. He has also produced several radio dramas for WYSO in collaboration with local theater companies. Jerry has won several Ohio AP awards as well as an award from PRINDI for his work with the WYSO news department. Jerry says that the best part of his job is being able to talk to people in the community and share their experiences with WYSO listeners.