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Motel Beds announce July reunion show at the Brightside

courtesy of the band

Members of the band Motel Beds joined WYSO music director Juliet Fromholt for an interview on Kaleidoscope announcing the band's upcoming reunion show at the Brightside in downtown Dayton.

It's been nearly a decade since the Motel Beds released their last full-length album Mind Glitter. Since then, then the individual members of the band have been involved in other musical projects and creative pursuits, but all it took was a text a message to get PJ Paslosky (vocals), Tommy Cooper (guitar), Ian Kaplan (drums), Darryl Robbins (guitar) and Tod Weidner (bass, vocals) thinking about an encore performance.

"Ian sent me a text about, you know, 'what would you what would you think about the Motel Beds doing a show,'" said Tod Weidner. "I was like, yeah, good luck getting Darryl to go along with it. And then, actually, it was Darryl's idea."

The band members talked about how they're reacquainting themselves with their old songs ahead of the July 19 show. They're also looking forward to performing for an audience of old fans and new friends.

"I'm really excited to to play to some some new faces and as well as the old faces in my situation where I've been gone for like, five years coming up now," said Tod Weinder, who's now based in California. "You know, there's a lot of people I just haven't seen at all. And so I'm really looking forward to reuniting with a lot of the, the old people and and yeah, if they bring new people, that's just the icing on the cake."

Tickets are on sale now for Motel Beds' July 19 reunion show at the Brightside. More information is available at https://www.thebrightsidedayton.com/

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Juliet Fromholt is proud to be music director at 91.3FM WYSO. Juliet began volunteering at WYSO while working at WWSU, the student station at her alma mater, Wright State University. After joining WYSO's staff in 2009, Juliet developed WYSO’s digital and social media strategy until moving into the music director role in 2021. An avid music fan and former record store employee, Juliet continues to host her two music shows, Alpha Rhythms and Kaleidoscope, which features studio performances from local musicians every week. She also co-hosts Attack of the Final Girls, a horror film review podcast.