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Live on Kaleidoscope: Magic Jackson

Magic Jackson

Magic Jackson combines rock and roll, jazz, and funk to create their own unique jams.  With the current lineup only about 6 months old, Nathan Lewis (guitar/vocals), Mike McKewen (bass/vocals), John Gentry Jr. (guitar/vocals), Rob Brockman (drums/vocals) have been hard at work building their live set over the summer

Magic Jackson will perform at Canal Street Tavern on October 1st with Romeo Champagne. 


Interview Highlights:

Nathan Lewis on how songs evolve from performance to performance

"As you're traveling down the road, you see the same sign posts, you notice different things along the way.  I think that's kind of how we are - each songs has certainly sign posts, whether energy-wise, emotionally or when you're just feeling it and everyone knows it's time to move on and look for the next sign post.  But along the way, you notice this here or that there.  There's room along the way to explore those gaps."

John Gentry Jr. on funk's influence on Ohio music

"Anywhere I've ever been, people are like 'Oh you're from Ohio - King Records.'  This is the nucleus of that funk style of music - regardless of whether you play jazz.  All jazz cats I know from Ohio have this certain kind of funkiness that you don't get from the cats fro New York or Chicago or New Orleans; they've got a different kind of funk down there."

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