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Antioch College Sound Action Series Brings Composer/Daxophonist Daniel Fishkin To Herndon Gallery

Daniel Fishkin
Daniel Fishkin

The arts series Sound Action is currently underway at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, curated by Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Arts Catalina Jordan Alvarez. Tonight in the college's Herndon Gallery, Sound Action presents Dead Metaphors, featuring composer/sound artist/instrument builder Daniel Fishkin, alongside an ensemble of SOUND students from Antioch. Fishkin and Alvarez came to WYSO's Excursions with Niki Dakota to showcase what audiences can hear at tonight's event, and discuss the instruments he creates and builds, including the unique sounds of the bowed wooden tongue instrument, the daxophone.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Arts Catalina Jordan Alvarez's  Sound Action series at Antioch College will present Dead Metaphors: Daniel Fishkin on this Monday, January 27th in Antioch's Herndon Gallery. Doors open at 7:30, and music begins at 8. More information can be found at AntiochCollege.edu.

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Evan Miller is a percussionist, lover of sound, and is probably buying too many cassette tapes online right now. Evan got his start in radio in 2012 at WWSU at Wright State University, where he was studying percussion performance. He followed through with both endeavors and eventually landed a lucrative dual career playing experimental music at home and abroad and volunteering at WYSO. Maintaining a connection to normal music, Evan also plays drums in bands, and fills in for Niki Dakota on Excursions. When not doing something music-related, Evan is most likely listening to podcasts or watching food videos at home with his cat.
Born a Hoosier, but only living there in spurts, Niki Dakota spent much of her young life moving around the United States with her archeologist mother. Throughout these years, there was always a ukulele somewhere close at hand. By the time the family settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ms. Dakota found herself in pursuit of professional music-making as she headed-up the Alterna-Folk band, Plow On Boy. In the course of her first live radio interview to promote the band, Niki’s keen excitedness manifest itself in extreme chattiness. At the conclusion of the segment, the DJ closed the mic and said, “You need to be in radio."  That was in 1990.