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Excursions hosts Reyna Spears and Emma Woodruff and the Curious Sound

This Tuesday Excursions hosted two acts in the lineup from the fourth annual 80's Rewind which is taking place this Saturday at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton. 

Reyna Spears is a singer/songwriter who has contributed to tribute events in the past, including Signs of Life: the Essence of Pink Floyd. She performed both covers and original pieces on Excursions, including a new single "Life's Walk." Spears also has an album coming out in the fall.

Emma Woodruff and the Curious Sound are Emma, Perisa, Theresa and Kyleen. The band began with Emma and Kyleen and later included Perisa and Theresa through the Music Department at Wright State University. Woodruff went to Antioch College and discovered a love of music and voice. She is a self taught songwriter and guitarist.Emma Woodruff and the Curious Sound are an original band. They opened on Excursions with an ACDC cover and also performed and original songs, "What do you want me to do?" and "Yellow Springs Thing." The final song "Longing for Something I Ain't Got" was played from their demo album.

Excursions hosts Reyna Spears and Emma Woodruff and the Curious Sound
Listen to the full interview with Emma Woodruff and the Curious Sound.

The fourth annual Rewind event will include ten all original bands performing 1980's classics as well as original songs. The event will be hosted by two Ghostbusters Fan clubs who will arrive complete with replicas of costumes, props and even the car from the original 80's classic film Ghostbusters. First Florists is donating thousands of flowers to the event which will be scattered on the floor of Canal Street, making it look like an 80's music video.

To learn more about the event go to the Facebook page or the Canal Street Tavern schedule of events. You can learn more about Reyna Spears at her Facebook page.

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