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Book Nook: The Dayton Book Guys: How a Group of Men Bonded Through Books by J. Bradford Tillson Jr.

Some of the most avid readers are members of book clubs. These groups get together on a regular basis to discuss books that they have read as a group. There are thousands of these organizations across the country and lots of authors who understand the value of giving these loyal and voracious readers extra benefits like making personal appearances during discussions of their work. These groups can really impact sales of a book and there's nothing authors like better than having book reviewers state that their books are ideal for book clubs.

One most unusual book club has been meeting in the Dayton area for the past two decades. It's unusual because all the members are men. Statistics reveal that most private book clubs are populated by female readers. Having one that is all men is rather unique. In his book "The Dayton Book Guys: How a Group of Men Bonded Through Books" Brad Tillson looks back at the history of this group and how the members have developed deep and lasting friendships over the years. They have also read a pile of really interesting books.

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