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Best of the Book Nook: A Fiction Flashback To The Year 2002


"Blue Shoe" by Anne Lamott

During the year 2002 I did about 150 author interviews. Anne Lamott returned to the show to talk about her novel "Blue Shoe." I have interviewed Anne on several occasions but never in person. She's best known for her works of non-fiction. When she writes fiction you can almost count on it being material that is autobiographical in nature. The "blue shoe" of her title was definitely an item from her own life story.

"The Daughters of Joy-an Adventure of the Heart" by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is another writer who is best known for his non-fiction. This novel was clearly an expression of the author's spiritual beliefs. Dr. Chopra has made several appearances on the program and he has come out to our studios in Yellow Springs. This particular interview was conducted on the telephone and it is actually one of my favorites that we have done together. That's unusual because I usually prefer in-person conversations in which there are visual cues. That did not matter because he's such a great speaker.

"Year of Wonders-a Novel of the Plague" by Geraldine Brooks

Geraldine Brooks was on a book tour in 2002 when she came out to Yellow Springs for this interview. Her first novel had just come out in paperback. She set her story in a small English village in the year 1666 as England was in the grip of the Black Plague. This novel is based on the true story of a community that did something quite unique at the time; when the plague struck they sealed off their village and went into isolation. Does that sound familiar?

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