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Book Nook: Beneath a Ruthless Sun, by Gilbert King


Lake County, Florida used to be a very dangerous place to live. It wasn't because there was a high crime rate. In fact Willis McCall, the long-time sheriff of Lake County presented more of a hazard to some residents than any criminals ever would. In his book "Devil in the Grove" the author Gilbert King wrote about a horrible injustice that took place there and the crimes that were perpetrated by that corrupt and violent sheriff.

When the author was on a publicity tour in the region for that book he was approached by a former law enforcement officer from Lake County who suggested that he might wish to look into another episode of injustice that took place in 1957. A woman was raped in her home. She told the police that her attacker had been a black man so the sheriff began a roundup of young black men. Then the woman's husband returned from a "business trip." The husband did not want it to become known that his wife had been assaulted by a black man. That would not have looked good and in the interest of keeping up appearances the police began looking for another suspect, a man who was not black.

They arrested a white teenager named Jesse Daniels. Jesse was cognitively impaired and he came from a poor family. He supposedly confessed to the crime and Sheriff Willis McCall saw to it that Jesse was never brought to trial. Instead he was sent away to a horrific mental institution and he ended up being incarcerated there for years.

But that is only the beginning of the story. In "Beneath a Ruthless Sun - a True Story of Violence, Race, and Justice Lost and Found" King describes the efforts that were made by Jesse's mother along with a crusading journalist and a young attorney to finally win freedom for this wrongly accused young man. This is an incredible story.

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