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Book Nook: Less. Minimalism, For Real, by Rose Lounsbury


We live in an affluent consumer society. Many of us have too much stuff and we are obtaining more of it with every passing day. Is your stuff becoming an issue for you? Do you feel like perhaps your life could be better with much less?

Rose Lounsbury got to a point in which she realized that she had too much stuff and that it was having a negative impact on the quality of her life. She decided to do something about that.

Her inspirational story might inspire you to address any extra stuff that you own. In her book "Less. Minimalism, For Real - Practical Ways to Live Better By Owning Less" Rose explains how she approached her situation and she provides a detailed set of guidelines for how we can adopt a minimalist approach that could make our lives less complicated and hopefully, better.

Do you have too much stuff? Pause for a moment and think about it. As you listen to my conversation with Rose Lounsbury you might feel motivated to address your personal relationship with all your possessions. Which ones are essential? What stuff can you do without? As we wind down another year perhaps this is the time to consider a New Year's resolution: less stuff?

Rose Lounsbury wants to help us to have better lives by having less. Of course there's one acquisition she would still love to have us make; that would be picking up a copy of her new book. I have my copy. It is here somewhere... perhaps over in this pile of books? I have too much stuff! Do you?

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