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The Best of the Book Nook: A Memorial Tribute to Nat Hentoff


Many years ago I was spending a quiet Saturday afternoon inside a music listening room at my high school. There were shelves jammed with old record albums in there along with a turntable and a set of headphones. For a young music buff who was just discovering jazz that was my version of heaven.
As I riffled through the stacks I discovered a pile of ten inch, 33 1/3 RPM platters from the 1950's. I cued up a record called "Jazz from Storyville" and as I sank into the vibe that was emanating from those waxy grooves I perused the liner notes. They had been written by a guy named Nat Hentoff. I made a mental note: this cat knows his jazz.

Years went by. I kept seeing his name on liner notes and on essays. I became an admirer of his prose. Many years later I had an opportunity to interview him on the radio. I did not pass up that chance. By then I had recognized that Nat Hentoff was one of our great cultural critics. He was an expert on jazz and the First Amendment. He was also a bit of a gadfly. The man could take some controversial stands.
He was unpredictable and difficult to categorize. One moment he could sound like a liberal. Or, a progressive. The next moment he might sound libertarian or even conservative. And he could always justify his views.
Nat Hentoff died recently. He was 91. I have heard from a number of listeners who have expressed their delight that we dipped into the archives to dust off this little gem. If you haven't heard it yet prepare yourself for a journey inside a brilliant mind. Not mine. Nat Hentoff could be a bit of a curmudgeon but he was always articulate. This interview is truly "the Best of the Book Nook."

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