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Book Nook: Suspicion, by Alexandra Monir


Almost every day somebody will ask me, "Gee, Vick, when are you going to post a podcast link for such and such an interview?" I know, I'm slow. But eventually I do get stuff done. It just takes a while. My 2nd grade teacher Mrs. McIlhon was quite perceptive. She began calling me "Molasses" because it often took me so long to finish an assignment. I always wanted to get it right. She's also the one who ratted me out for squinting at the blackboard: "I think Victor is having trouble seeing. Maybe he needs glasses?" Thanks to her my classmates called me "Four Eyes" after that. They also called me "Bookworm." Now that's a nickname I wore with pride.

Okay, so I interviewed Alexandra Monir in December and I'm finally getting around to posting the podcast link in April. Monir. Mickunas. Molasses. The 3 M's! I suppose I should explain why this has been delayed. You see I spend about 20 hours each week working on deadlines to put together the interviews that air each Saturday and Sunday. Writing up the podcast notes is extra time. I want to do it right. So when I have some extra time I'll try to do that.

"Suspicion" by Alexandra Monir is a charming story in the young adult category. If you enjoy the TV show Downton Abbey you'll probably like this book. There are elements of mystery, romance, and the supernatural here. And the author is young, energetic, and vibrant. If I had her energy I could write up all my missing podcast notes in about 15 seconds. Sadly, I'm old, and tired, and I'm reading a 400 page book right now for my interview next Tuesday. Some things never change. By the way, despite what you might think I am not a speed reader. It takes me about a minute to read a page if I'm not being distracted. So a 400 page book will take me around seven hours to read. And I always read the books. That's one reason that many authors seem to enjoy my interviews. And I have to think that listeners appreciate the efforts that I'm putting in to each program.

I guess I had better try to get caught up on posting these podcast links. I have a number of authors who are wondering when their interviews will post. Don't even get me started on the publicists. They often expect the podcast links to post before the interviews have actually aired. Instant gratification must be a wonderful thing. I wouldn't know.

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