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Book Nook: Love Me, Feed Me, by Judith Jones


Do you feed your dog canned dog food? Do you ever think that perhaps your dog deserves better fare than that? I have just the book for you. Judith Jones has known and loved many dogs over the course of her long life. Her current dog, Mabon, gets the same food for his dinner that Jones has prepared for herself. In her book "Love Me, Feed Me - Sharing With Your Dog the Everyday Good Food You Cook and Enjoy" the author explains how she came to the point of deciding that Mabon deserved better dinners than canned dog food.

Jones cooks some fabulous meals for the two of them. This book is full of mouth watering recipes to help you prepare dishes that will delight humans and canines alike. In this interview Jones talks about the joyful anticipation that Mabon shows as he waits eagerly for his suppers. The book also contains many charming photos of her sweet little dog. 

The author knows her way around a kitchen. She has had a long career as a book editor. The roster of writers that she has known includes some rather famous cooks, gastronomic geniuses like Julia Child and James Beard. Good food is one of the great joys of our existence. Certainly our dogs deserve the best food that we can provide. After reading this lovely book I hope that you'll agree. Woof!

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