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Book Nook: Gene Everlasting - A Contrary Farmer's Thoughts On Living Forever, by Gene Logsdon


Gene Logsdon has seen a lot of things during his 82 years on the planet.  He has written widely about the things he has observed and the things that he thinks about. A brief scan of some of his book titles will give you some sense of his range. Logsdon is the author of many books including these: "A Sanctuary of Trees," "Small-Scale Grain Raising," "The Pond Lovers," "Successful Berry Growing," and "Andrew Wyeth : A Portrait of Andrew Wyeth as Seen By His Friends and Neighbors."

Logsdon's latest offering addresses a substantial topic that he has been considering lately: death. A recent brush with cancer brought the thought of death into sharp focus for the author. This collection of essays will make you chuckle, shed a few tears and hopefully make you give some thought to the one thing that we will all experience one day. Gene Logsdon has visited the program on several other occasions. As you listen to our conversation you'll surely realize why this particular author has been one of my favorite guests over the years. So pull up your rocking chair, lean back, and enjoy.

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