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Welcome to WYSO Weekend where every Sunday morning, host Jerry Kenney brings you highlights from the week's news, issues, interviews, arts and cultural events from across the Miami Valley.  You'll also hear the latest stories from WYSO Community Voices producers, and features from Dayton Youth Radio, Senior Voices, County Lines and other series. 

In the early morning hours on August 4, 2019, a mass shooting in Dayton's Oregon Distrit took the lives of nine people and injured dozens of others. This edition of WYSO Weekend Today’s looks back at the long week since news of the shooting broke. Throughout the week that followed, WYSO reporters talked to some of people who make up a community that has been changed in some, perhaps undetermined, way. You'll hear from some those residents, and hear from those who believe the city of Dayton remains unchanged in the way that people come together in the face of tragedy.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:  For more than 50 years, Dayton, Ohio has fostered sister-city relationships with cities in countries around the world. The associations between the cities are meant to promote cultural exchange. Last year marked the 50th anniversary of Dayton, Ohio’s sister-city relationship with Oiso, Japan, and to mark the occasion, officials will welcome a delegation from Oiso to the city very soon. In fact, three students from Oiso are already in Dayton.

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On July 20th, 1969, a blurry figure came on television screens all over the world. The astronaut, in a bulky space suit, backed down the steps of the lunar module known as Eagle. Then he made a short a hop down ----into the ashy powder on the surface of the moon.   Neil Armstrong, a 38-year-old pilot born in Wapakoneta, Ohio was the first man on the moon- 50 years ago. From our Culture Couch team, editor Katie Davis has this story based on audio from NASA’s official Oral History interview with Neil Armstrong.

In cities across Ohio, organizers are going to the ballot box to push local governments away from low-level marijuana enforcement. The city of Dayton has taken steps to do this. The state’s penalties for possession are already relatively loose. Initiative backers say drug convictions aren’t making communities safer, and they’re unnecessarily harmful to those who get caught. WOSU’s Nick Evans reports, if passed, some of the proposals are likely to prompt a court fight.

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The Montgomery County Fair gets underway this week. It’s the second year for the fair at their new location on Infirmary Road in Dayton. They had a very good crowd last year and they expect those numbers to go up this year. To hear more about what’s going down next week at the fair, we spoke with John Yancik, president of The Montgomery County Agricultural Society, and the reigning Montgomery County Fair Junior Queen - Taylor Thomas.

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There are a number of important issues and challenges the county’s Military Veterans and service members face every day - high suicide rates and other healthcare issues.  This week, VA Secretary Robert Wilke paid a visit to the Dayton VA Hospital and it’s these and other issues that we sat down and talked to him about during that visit. Here’s the full conversation that took place on Friday.

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Dayton will be home to a new addiction treatment center linked to Google. Montgomery County health advocates say the high-tech facility intends to help pioneer evidence-based research into addiction medicine. WYSOs Jess Mador reports the center is called “OneFifteen” -- for the number of Americans who died every day from an opioid overdose two years ago.


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Up first, a run-down of some of our coverage this week surrounding the aftermath of the Memorial Day tornado outbreak.

Then, rural America has high rates of chronic disease – the more remote a community, the more heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And there’s a side effect many people don’t think about – depression, anxiety, even suicide. this is especially true for older adults. Side Effect Public Media’s Lisa Gillespie reports from Casey County, Kentucky, two hours south of Louisville.

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The National Weather Service is wrapping up their survey of the tornado outbreak that hit the Miami Valley on Memorial Day.  They now say 15 tornadoes struck the region with a total of 20 across all of Ohio.

One area in the path of the EF4 tornado Monday night is Old North Dayton.  April Laissle reports, residents there are focused on cleaning up the wreckage.

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Across the United States, parents of severely mentally ill children can face an excruciating decision. If they can’t afford costly health care, they may have to sign over custody to the state. That way, the government will pay for the child’s care. In Ohio, those parents are fighting for change, and a chunk of Governor Mike Dewine’s budget. WOSU’s Paige Fleger reports for Side Effects Public Media.