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Dayton will be home to a new addiction treatment center linked to Google. Montgomery County health advocates say the high-tech facility intends to help pioneer evidence-based research into addiction medicine. WYSOs Jess Mador reports the center is called “OneFifteen” -- for the number of Americans who died every day from an opioid overdose two years ago.


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Up first, a run-down of some of our coverage this week surrounding the aftermath of the Memorial Day tornado outbreak.

Then, rural America has high rates of chronic disease – the more remote a community, the more heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And there’s a side effect many people don’t think about – depression, anxiety, even suicide. this is especially true for older adults. Side Effect Public Media’s Lisa Gillespie reports from Casey County, Kentucky, two hours south of Louisville.

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The National Weather Service is wrapping up their survey of the tornado outbreak that hit the Miami Valley on Memorial Day.  They now say 15 tornadoes struck the region with a total of 20 across all of Ohio.

One area in the path of the EF4 tornado Monday night is Old North Dayton.  April Laissle reports, residents there are focused on cleaning up the wreckage.

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Across the United States, parents of severely mentally ill children can face an excruciating decision. If they can’t afford costly health care, they may have to sign over custody to the state. That way, the government will pay for the child’s care. In Ohio, those parents are fighting for change, and a chunk of Governor Mike Dewine’s budget. WOSU’s Paige Fleger reports for Side Effects Public Media.

Environmental advocates with the Aullwood Audubon Farm and Aullwood Garden MetroPark in Vandalia are raising concerns over the potential development of a nearby watershed. Alexis Faust - Aullwood Center and Farm’s executive director - says that since the prairie was established as a natural habitat in 1995, the airport which owns the lands in question, has been a key partner in its protection. Now, Faust says she worries about the damage that could be done if the land is developed for commercial or residential use.



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This week, a number of organizations are hosting events to spotlight “Ohio In-Demand Jobs Week. Officials are calling it “a statewide celebration of jobs, industries and skills on-demand.” With that in mind, state and local public health advocates gathered Wednesday at the Daybreak shelter for runaway and homeless youth in Dayton. The event was centered around the importance of steady employment in helping young people get back on their feet after drug addiction. At the event, a number of speakers addressed the crowd, but the last to speak was 24-year-old Jay Paxson. He spoke about the Daybreak program, and what it’s done for him as he closes in on a year in recovery from homelessness and heroin addiction. 

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We've got a wrap up of some of the week's news, including the arrests of four Dayton men - including former city commissioner Joey Williams, and current city official Roshawn Winburn. They were indicted on a range of charges including bribery, wire fraud, and public corruption The arrests came a day after city officials were celebrating completion of the final step that will allow the much anticipated Dayton Arcade renovation project to move forward. And, the allegations come ahead of the May 7th primary election where five candidates are running for two open seats on the city commission. We talk about all this with Christopher Devine, an assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Dayton.

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Next year will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Founded on April 22 in 1970 as a civilian protest against the environmental impacts from industrial development - that spring day sparked the beginning of the environmental awareness movement - and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Earth Day has now become a global event marked by civic participation and political action. Protect Our Species is the theme for this year, which falls on Monday, April 22. County Lines producer Renee Wilde is here with the story.

The last remaining Doolittle Raider passed away early Monday morning in San Antonio, Texas. Dayton native, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard Cole was 103 years old. Cole took part in a top secret mission to bomb Japan in 1941, just four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when 80 men took off from an aircraft carrier. They were led by Lt. James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle and soon after their mission they became known as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. In this 2013 interview with WYSO, Cole talked about the 1942 mission, and the legacy of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.

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We start the program with some wise words that we can all benefit from. Many of us, young and old, spend too much time on our smartphones. On this week’s Dayton Youth Radio we heard a teenager’s perspective on living with — and without her phone. Dayton Youth Radion Project Coordinator, Basim Blunt, introduces our story.