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via Hartman Rock Garden

Hidden in a quiet neighborhood in Springfield, Ohio, lies a folk-art gem called the Hartman Rock Garden, named after its creator and local resident, Ben Hartman.

Hartman was a rock hound and he would use the rocks that he collected from the area to make concrete and stone replicas of historic buildings. He made so many structures that eventually he transformed his entire backyard into a fantastic landscape of miniature buildings and figurines.

Community Voices Producer Renee Wilde brings us the story of how Ben Hartman turned his obsession into a National Folk-Art site.

Head Start & The Sequester

Aug 6, 2013

Across the state Head Start programs are grappling with the federal budget cuts known as sequestration. Head Start is an early childhood education program that serves low-income and at-risk families. The across the board spending cuts that went into place last March are forcing these programs to cut their funding by over 5 percent. WYSO Community Voices Producer Hideo Higashibaba reports on how this cut will affect Head Start programs in the Miami Valley.

Wildlife Boom in Local MetroParks

Aug 4, 2013

In the last few years, wildlife -- including large wildlife -- have boomed in parklands and green spaces in southwestern Ohio. Some of the critters we’re talking about may even surprise you. WYSO Community Voices Producer Ron Rollins visits the Five Rivers MetroParks to learn more. 

I love the outdoors. And I’ve seen how wildlife have gradually returned to the Miami Valley. Last winter, I saw something that stunned me: a bald eagle in downtown Dayton.

One week ago, Ohio Players frontman and virtuosos guitarist Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner passed away from cancer. He was 69. Bonner co-wrote and sang lead vocals on the Ohio Players biggest hits; Fire, Love Rollercoaster and Skin Tight. WYSO Community Voices producer Basim Blunt has put together this remembrance for this world famous Dayton musician.

For more information on tribute concerts and memorials being planned to honor the music and legacy of Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, visit the WYSO Boogie Nights page on facebook. 

Darlin Blanco-Lozano

If you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” music video, with it’s psychedelic-looking zooms, flashes, and interweaving forms and patterns, or the abstract montage images in Terence Malick’s recent film “Tree of Life”, you might be surprised to learn that a Miami Valley artist helped pioneer this iconic visual style as an experimental filmmaker in New York in the 1960’s. 

2012 Community Voices Special (Pt. 2)

Sep 24, 2012
Sarah Buckingham

This is the second installment of WYSO's 2012 Community Voices Special. From memories of your first car to man caves, funk music, and a local slasher flick - this hour is full of radio stories by, for, and about the Miami Valley, produced in this year's training course.

The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show

Sep 23, 2012

Community Voices Producer Kristen Wicker takes us behind the scenes at The Signature – a poetic medley show, now in it’s fifth season.

The Signature brings in Tony- and Grammy-award winning artists to headline variety shows that feature an eclectic mix of spoken word poetry, live music, dance, comedy and visual arts.

If you’ve been on a rollercoaster before, I think that’s how you would describe The Signature,” says Lee

2012 Community Voices Special (Pt. 1)

Sep 17, 2012
Dennie Eagleson

Community Voices is all about getting more local voices on the radio. WYSO's training program turns listeners into producers. This hour, we’ll hear stories produced in the training and some new pieces that have yet to hit the airwaves.

Enter The Man Cave

Sep 11, 2012

Men, once rulers of the world, nowadays have become equals to women and, in some cases, relegated to a back seat. One reaction to this social reality? The man cave. Increasingly common throughout the United States, there are TV shows, websites and books dedicated to these spaces designed by and for men. But why in this era of “Hey, girl!” has a space for male bonding become so important?

Eco-Artist Basia Irland Visits Dayton

Sep 9, 2012
Dennie Eagleson

Antioch College and the University of Dayton have teamed up to sponsor a visit by environmental artist Basia Irland this September and again next March. Irland is known internationally as a pioneer in the field of “eco-art”. She conducts community-oriented projects designed to aid in restoring the health of waterways. Irland’s project for the Dayton region began with a summer exhibition of artwork at Antioch’s Herndon Gallery, and continues in September with events at the University of Dayton.