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We’re celebrating WYSO’s 60th birthday this year by listening to highlights from our historic audio collection.

In the early 1970s. WYSO had a growth spurt, adding staff and expanding the listening area. In 1973 came the first grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The money allowed us to buy programs from NPR for the first time. Also that year, the first on-air fundraiser was held. Listeners and businesses donated goods and services for an on-air auction, things like airplane rides and fresh baked bread. The fundraisers were called marathons. Regular programming was suspended for four straight days. Those who remember say the programming was wild and kinda wacky, and the few precious recordings we have confirm that things did get pretty squirrelly.

Only 48 of the Kavanaugh Wildlife Farm's 84 total arces are culivated.
Renee Wilde / WYSO

On a farm in Greene County’s agricultural countryside, the shared vision of a pair of retired school teachers is changing back the landscape, by creating a welcome habitat for both agriculture and nature.

Today on County Lines, Producer Renee Wilde takes a horse drawn wagon ride through a Jamestown farm, that lifetime resident Eugene Kavanagh and his wife Dorothy bought for their local community.

Senior Voices: Mary Harris

Oct 10, 2018

This week on Senior Voices, Mary Harris recalls her early memories of growing up in the Deep South, and has some advice to share with the present generation. She spoke with Dayton Metro Library Volunteer Interviewer, Pamela Waltrip.


MARY HARRIS (MH): I was born in Bessemer, Alabama, July 15, 1948.

PAMELA WALTRIP (PW): What’s your earliest memory?

Battle buddies (left to right) Chad Keever, Matt Bauer, Barry Roberts, Glover, and Jeff McCannon on deployment to Kuwait.
courtesy of Matt Bauer

Our Veterans’ Voices series continues with Air Force veterans Matt Bauer of Vandalia and Jeff McCannon of Columbus. Matt and Jeff are battle buddies. They’ve been deployed three times and it’s their shared experiences and memories – both good and bad - while on those multiple tours of service that bonds them today. 


Louis Eckert
Senior Voices

Over the past decade the neighborhoods that make up what is known as Old North Dayton have been transformed with the arrival of immigrants from countries such as Turkey and Russia. Immigrants have been central to the development of Old North Dayton since their arrival as laborers in the early twentieth century. Today on Senior voices, lifelong Daytonian Louis Eckert, who is of German and Polish descent, recalls growing up there in the 1960s and 70s. He spoke with Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer, Carol Jackson.


Airborne Outfitters is a veteran-owned and operated camping supply company.
courtesy of Jason Evatt

Today on Veterans Voices we hear from a Beavercreek Air Force veteran, Jason Evatt. He’s the founder of a web store called Airborne Outfitters, which makes and sells camping supplies.  Evatt’s business grew out of his determination to overcome PTSD.


The Path: A Teenager Talks Life, Family And Music

Sep 27, 2018
Sethaniel Weaver
Basim Blunt / WYSO


My name is Sethaniel Weaver. I am 16 years old and attend the Dayton Early College Academy, a millennial in the chaotic fast paced world of the twenty first century.

What I see in today’s society that teens are dying left to right from suicide, drugs and even murder. There are things I value in life that I believe have kept me on a path towards positive living and success. Those things that I value are: God, family, and music. I value those things because they have made me the person that I am today.

We’re celebrating WYSO’s 60th birthday this year by listening to highlights from our historic audio collection.

Julia Reichert got her start in media at WYSO with a radio program called The Single Girl – maybe the first feminist radio program in the United States. Today, she’s a celebrated and award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Bob Penrod
Senior Voices

Today on Senior Voices, Dayton native Bob Penrod talks about serving in not one but two wars. At 89 years old, Bob remembers his Navy service and his short career with a popular Dayton radio station between wars. He shared his story with Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer, Barbara Gerla.


Army veterans Ericka Carter and Loghan Young.
courtesy of Carter and Young

The role of women is expanding in the military, yet gender stereotypes remain. Today on Veterans’ Voices, we hear from Army veterans and Wright State students Loghan Young of Huber Heights and Ericka Carter of Dayton who pursued career paths in the military that defied expectations.