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Mark Gullette
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Dayton Youth Radio is a safe place for high school students to share stories about their lives. As parents we ask teenagers to do what we say but oftentimes they do what they see us do, and today we have a story about a teenager's memory of how his parents marraige survived a bad night and a terrible argument.


Matt Dierking organizes the Skinner Pipe Organ concerts at the Dayton Art Institute and often performs at them. A Skinner in full working order with the original pipes is a rarity these days, something akin to a Stradivarius instrument.
Jason Reynolds / WYSO

One of the most interesting works at the Dayton Art Institute is a musical instrument: a pipe organ that was constructed in the Rose Auditorium 90 years ago.

It was built by Ernest M. Skinner, one of the most renowned organ makers of the early Twentieth Century.

The restoration process took years, and DAI has been celebrating by offering free concerts on select Thursday afternoons.

Baby: A Teenager Discusses Parenthood

May 30, 2019
Daeon Mukes
Basim Blunt / WYSO

In five seasons of Dayton Youth Radio, we've never done a story about teenage parents. Today we're going to hear from Daeon, a junior at the Dayton Early College Academy. Daeon interviewed his classmate and close friend Keyshawn, who's 17. Keyshawn and his girlfriend are about to have a baby in just a few weeks. 

American soil.

Those are two words that are commonly used to stir up patriotic feelings. They are also words that can't be taken for granted, because today nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland are held by foreign investors. That number has doubled in the past two decades, which is raising alarm bells in farming communities.

Marquan Walton
Basim Blunt / WYSO

My story is about the night my dad was shot.

His name is Marvis Walton. I wouldn't say he is my favorite parent, but we have always had a different connection than me and my momma, Laquanna Hindsman.

I've always been told that I look more like Momma. Some would even go so far to say that I was her twin. I never agreed, but this fact has always kept us close. We used to crack jokes saying how ugly one another was, but the response was always the same, "But you look just like me."

Centre city building downtown dayton
Renee Wilde / WYSO

If you go downtown to the Levitt Pavilion to take in an outdoor concert this summer, look up at the surrounding buildings.  From the street level they seem like typical high rises, but on top of Centre City building on the corner of Main and east fourth street, there’s a seven story tower that looks a little like a house.  Listener Earl Moyer asked WYSO Curious:  What IS that structure on top of the Centre City building?

Stepdadding: A Teenager Talks About Gaining A Parent

May 16, 2019
Michael Moreland
Basim Blunt / WYSO

My name is Michael Moreland. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at DECA High School. I'm actually a very funny person, I like to make people laugh. Making people laugh brings a joy to me, because I like seeing others smile. I'm a very positive person.

I live with my younger sister, y mom and my soon-to-be stepdad.

Let me tell you about stepparents.

At first they come in and try to take over a mother or father's position from your actual parents splitting. It's kind of a hard adjustment.

Codee Reed and Luke Wilson
courtesy of Jean Anders

As part of our series County Lines, Community Voices producer Anna Lurie went to rural Northeastern High School to talk to students in FFA about their lives.  In this story, two sophomore friends at Northeastern, Luke Wilson and Cody Reed, discuss the pressures and successes they experience raising and showing livestock. 


Luke Wilson: Okay, my name is Luke Wilson and I’m from Northeastern High School, I’m a sophomore and I’m 16 years old.

Northeastern High School FFA students
courtesy of Jean Anders

Future Farmers of America was founded in 1928 in Kansas City, Missouri as way to educate the next generation of farmers. Today, FFA is a national organization for young people interested in leadership and agriculture.  There are over a dozen local FFA chapters in the Miami Valley - including one at Northeastern High School in rural Clark County.

As part of our series called County Lines, producer Anna Lurie went to Northeastern last fall to learn about FFA and to teach the students a little bit about radio.

buffalo statue in front of K12 Gallery in downtown Dayton
Jim Kahle / WYSO

"I have been curious about the big buffalo statue that stand outside K12 Gallery in downtown Dayton," says WYSO listener Gwen Owen. "I looked at again this morning on my way in and thought, 'what is your deal, you're this big serious heavy looking buffalo statue...' and I feel like it must have a story. Where did that thing come from?"

For that answer I went to the K12 TEJAS  gallery at the corner of South Jefferson Street and South Patterson Boulevard and asked long time arts supporter and fearless leader of K12, Jerri Stanard, just how that buffalo came to be there.