WYSO Weekend: October 18, 2015

Oct 19, 2015

On this week's program, remember the Robert Mapplethorp exhibit in Cincinnati and the big controversies that stirred up? Today, WYSO community voices producer Susan Byrnes takes us back for a little reminder. We’ll also tell you what’s happening in this year’s film Dayton Festival when we talk to Executive Director Lisa Grigsby. Full details below.

  • End of life decisions can be tough to make and many people never even get to make those decisions.  Dayton native Amy Pickard now lives in LA and has started a business that, in a unique way, is helping people make those decisions. Her company is called "Good To Go!", And I met her in an appropriate setting to talk about it. Here’s part of the conversation we had on a recent visit to Woodland Cemetery.  
  • In the late 1980’s, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s exhibition “The Perfect Moment” fueled the fire of the so-called “Culture Wars." The time period pitted right-wing politicians like Senator Jesse Helms against artists and museums in a battle over federal arts funding—and first amendment rights. When Mapplethorpe’s exhibit opened at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, the museum and its director were brought up on obscenity charges. Twenty-five years later, the museum is considering the impact of those events on the arts in America through a major exhibit and symposium. For Culture Couch, Susan Byrnes of W-Y-S-O has this preview. *A symposium about Mapplethorpe’s work begins Friday Oct. 23, and the exhibit “After the Moment” opens November 6th at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.   For more information go to w-y-s-o dot org.
  • The Film Dayton Festival rolls around once again this year and to find out what films and other events organizers have put together this year, I spoke with FilmDayton’s new executive director, Lisa Grigsby.
  • The Fall season is usually thought of as a good time to plant trees and yesterday, Dayton Power & Light gave them away to visitors of some local nurseries. The give away was part of DP&L’s Right Tree Right Place program – we spoke to Holly Wiggins, the director of community and corporate social responsibility.