WYSO Weekend: May 13, 2018

May 13, 2018

The story of Wilbur and Orville Wright has been told countless times. Two completely self-taught, self-funded brothers invent the airplane in the back of their West Dayton bike shop. The world was never the same. But the story of the Wright brothers’ background is even more unorthodox than it seems. In the late 1800s, during the heart of the Victorian Era, the Wright brothers’ mother inspired their mechanical aptitude. Community Voices producer Leo DeLuca has a story about Susan Catherine Koerner Wright.


Recently, Dayton History opened up to the public their latest historical exhibit detailing the history of operations at the Mound Nuclear Facility in Miamisburg. The Cold War Discovery Center highlights the work conducted at Mound Laboratories. By all accounts it was important work. It was top-secret, and it was dangerous for the workers - many of whom were exposed to radiation and other toxic elements used at the site. It’s a subject that Deb Goode Jerison knows a lot about. She recently shared her story with us.


Millie Lyons was just a year old when her dad died in 1923. Her mom was left with five young children. There was no social security system back then, and Millie’s mom needed to work to support the family. Millie says her earliest memory is being in a crib at the Pythian Children’s Home in Springfield. It was a tough start, but she and her siblings found plenty of ways to have fun.


Immigrants live with their feet in two worlds. They are pulled back in tradition - and are exploring American culture. Today’s Dayton Youth Radio story touches down in both worlds. Here’s project coordinator Basim Blunt.