WYSO Weekend: June 16, 2019

Jun 16, 2019

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:


Dayton will be home to a new addiction treatment center linked to Google. Montgomery County health advocates say the high-tech facility intends to help pioneer evidence-based research into addiction medicine. WYSOs Jess Mador reports the center is called “OneFifteen” -- for the number of Americans who died every day from an opioid overdose two years ago.


As the opioid epidemic continues, hospitals are looking for new ways to treat pain and combat addiction. At Indiana University Health, that means change. They’re cutting back on opioid prescriptions and giving more advice to patients. Leigh DeNoon reports for Side Effects Public Media.  


Every Saturday in Harrison Township. - an area hard it by the Memorial Day Tornado outbreak - for 6 months out of the year, a small farmer’s market operates at the corner of N. Main St and Philadelphia Dr. There can be as many as nineteen vendors - growers, bakers and other artisans - selling their products each week.  The market is managed by Zella Cook. Together, with her husband, they own a small farm in nearby Perry Townnship - a lovely place called Cook’s Garden. Zella and Steve manage to produce a lot on their small few acres of earth, and it’s there that we met the couple to hear more about their farm, and in particular, the Shiloh Farmers Market which they’ve managed to keep open each Saturday since the storms caused so much damage. While Steve works outside, Zella tells me how the market has fared since the storms.


One of the most interesting works at the Dayton Art Institute is a musical instrument: a pipe organ that was constructed in the Rose Auditorium 90 years ago. It was built by Ernest M. Skinner, one of the most renowned organ makers of the Twentieth Century, and it’s the only Skinner fully restored and in full working order in the Miami Valley. The original pipes make big music. The restoration process took years, and DAI has been celebrating by offering free concerts on select Thursday afternoons. Community Voices Producer Jason Reynolds has more… *The first DAI Organ Concert was held this past week but if you missed that, you’ve got another chance on Thursday June 27th at 1PM. For more information, and to hear songs played on the Skinner Pipe Organ, visit WYSO.org.  Culture Couch is made possible by a generous grant from the Ohio Arts Council.


On Saturday and Sunday - June 22 and 23, 2019, Carillon Park’s Rail Festival returns and it's virtually guaranteed that thousands of train enthusiasts will be there to enjoy it. Rail Fest is a wildly popular event featuring miniature train rides, model train displays and a whole lot more.  To get the details on this year’s event, we sat down with Dayton History Media Coordinator, Leo DeLuca. WYSO listeners will know Leo from the Community Voices reports he has produced for the station.

Thanks to Leo for the train ride and a big thank you to Dayton History volunteer Norm Gibson for engineering our train ride around Carrilon Park. You can check out out those Rail Fest Details at Dayton History.org

Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will's Almanack