WYSO WEEKEND: February 09, 2020

Feb 9, 2020

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

This week we celebrate the Best of Dayton Youth Radio and Black History Month with a story that originally aired in 2017. It's from Mark Williams and Taylor Felder from the Miami Valley School, and it's about stereotypes and prejudice. Project Coordinator Basim Blunt introduces the story.

In Vietnam, the war was fought in the air, in the jungle, and in tunnels. Some soldiers were assigned to administrative duties, and they too were caught up in combat. Today on Veterans’ Voices, Army veteran Norm Schrein of Kettering remembers his year in Vietnam.

Credit Jerry Kenney

People have been using axes for centuries, as both tools and weapons. Now people can head to Beavercreek and use axes for a lighter purpose — by throwing them for fun. Community Voices producer Lauren Shows has the story.

In January, a new healthcare facility opened in Centerville that focuses on individualized, supportive care services to people living with chronic illness. On a recent tour of the 36, 000 sq. ft. facility, called Pure Healthcare, President, Anthony Evans told us their mission includes maximizing their clients’ quality of life, and empowering them to thrive and succeed. Joining us on the tour was Dr. Chirag Patel, chief medical officer for Pure Healthcare, who described how their role is to bridge the gap in service that patients can experience when they seek long-term chronic pain management.

Bringing clarity to the living world around us, Bill Felker with this week’s Poor Will’s Almanack.