Voters Face Alphabet Soup of Levy Issues This Election

Nov 4, 2016

Many voters in the Dayton and Springfield areas will consider at least one levy issue when they head to the polls next Tuesday.


Lee Hannah, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Wright State University, says local governments across Ohio are struggling with shrinking budgets.

Lee Hannah is assistant professor of political science at Wright State University. He says more voter education is needed to help Ohioans better understand the potential impact of tax levies on their household budgets.  

“It does become fairly difficult to make some of these calculations on pad and paper," he says. "On some ballots, they will try to give you a brief description of what the bottom line means, so if you know your property value, you can calculate in your head how much this will cost you.”

Hannah says Ohio residents are likely to see the number of county levies on the ballot continue to increase, as other sources of tax revenue and local government funding from the state go down.