Romney, Biden To Campaign in Ohio This Week

Sep 10, 2012

Republican Mitt Romney is coming back to Ohio today. He plans to meet with factory workers this afternoon in northern Ohio at a plant in Mansfield. Romney has been mixing in campaign stops with debate practice sessions over the last week.

Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman is helping the GOP nominee sharpen his debate skills. Portman has been playing the role of President Barack Obama in the mock debates.

Vice President Joe Biden is also spending time in Ohio. He’ll come to Dayton for an afternoon rally at Wright State University Wednesday. And he spent the weekend campaigning in southern Ohio.

Biden took aim at the Republican ticket for planned cuts he called “draconian.”

He says Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would slash a slew of social programs to cut the country’s deficit even though the Democrats have been trying to do the same thing under the Obama administration.

“Romney, Ryan, Republican Congress rejected every effort that every outside group and we offered them to cut the national debt if it contained one single dollar, one single penny in a new tax for millionaires,” says Biden.

Biden says Romney’s cuts to Medicare would mean fewer benefits for 30 million people and “massive cuts” to Social Security are also in the Republican plan.

Biden says the president’s proposal knocks down the nation’s long-term debt by 4 trillion dollars by investing in America.