ReEntry Stories: Breaking Patterns Of Incarceration With Regimen, Writing

Nov 20, 2019

ReEntry Stories features conversations between people who were once in prison.   More than 1500 people a year return to life outside prison in Montgomery County, and, like returned citizens all over Ohio, they often have trouble finding jobs, housing, education and mental health services.

All the people in ReEntry stories were part of Sinclair Community College’s Advanced Job Training program or the Dayton Collaboratory’s X Factor Initiative

Today we meet Angel Hopson Woods, a student at Sinclair Community College and an intern with the Sinclair Communications Department. She wanted to interview her father Reuben Woods who had a repeating pattern of incarceration until 11 years ago. 

ReEntry Stories is produced by Mary Evans and is a collaboration between WYSO, Sinclair Community College and the Dayton Collaboratory.  Funding support comes from Sinclair and the Eichelberger Center for Community Voices.