Ramblin' with Sugargrove

Jun 5, 2013

On this episode of The Midnight Ramble, host Tom Duffee has Miami County band Sugargrove in the studio.

In the first segment, avid banjoist Duffee learns of the origins of Sugargrove's 1968 Gibson banjo, followed by a live performance of a pair of Bill Monroe tunes: an off-the-cuff rendition of Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and a more rehearsed instrumental,  "Jerusalem Ridge."

In the second part of their appearance on WYSO, the band leads off with a Jim Croce cover called "Time" ("NOT Bad Leroy Brown," as frontman Darryl Duncan puts it). Tom Duffee learns the saga of yet another instrument, this time a hand-built custom BRW mandolin. Finally, the band closes out with an original song called "Breakin' Rocks," about a man stuck in prison.