Police Find Body of Missing OSU Football Player

Dec 1, 2014

After days of searching, the body of a missing Ohio State University football player has been found. 

Columbus Police say Kosta Karageorge, the 22-year-old defensive lineman for the Ohio State Buckeyes, was found inside a dumpster near campus the afternoon of Nov. 30.

Sergeant Rich Weiner says Karageorge died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“He was found inside of the dumpster. The handgun was found inside of the dumpster with him. We’ll be moving that container and him to the county morgue where the investigators will continue the investigation,” he said.

Karageorge went missing early on the morning of Nov. 26, just days before a rivalry game against the University of Michigan. His disappearance was referenced during that game’s national broadcast and sparked a large community search.