Ohioans Could Vote On Different Date For 2016 Primary

Apr 23, 2015

A measure that would change the date of next year's primary election is moving through the Ohio Statehouse.
Credit WYSO

The Ohio House has passed a measure that would move the presidential primary in Ohio to March 15 instead of earlier in the month. The change is because of a Republican National Committee rule. It would not allow the state to have a winner-takes-all status on its primary votes if the election were held earlier in March.

But not all Republicans are happy with the move. Tom Zawistowski says many want proportional voting because it gives more conservative candidates an opportunity to win.

“The bottom line is it is pure manipulation. It is a denial of my rights. I want to vote for the person I want to vote for in a Republican primary and I want that person and that vote to count. This move makes my vote not count,” he said.

Some Republicans agreed with Zawistowski but, in the end, there were enough GOP members to pass the measure by a vote of 56 to 41.

Democrats say they wanted to move the presidential primary date to May when they could get extra delegates for their convention. Some say the Republicans are playing political favorites by passing this bill. Backers of the plan wanted to keep it in March because that’s when most Ohioans are used to voting for President.