New Voting Machines To Roll Out Ahead Of 2020 Elections In Montgomery County

Apr 16, 2019

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose demonstrated Montgomery County's new voting machines at the county Board of Elections Tuesday. LaRose says the machines are currently being inspected and tested, and are expected to be ready for voters to use during the 2020 presidential election.

“This May, the voters here in Montgomery County are going to see the old machines for the last time," LaRose says, "and by next November when voters show up to vote, either through early voting or on Election Day, they'll see these new express voting machines, which are truly state of the art and are something that they should be really proud of here in Montgomery County.”

LaRose expressed confidence in the state’s elections system, despite a recent investigation that found more than 6,000 early votes in Miami County went uncounted in the midterm elections.

“To be clear, it was human error that has occurred there. The machines function exactly as they were supposed to. The good news is that we have addressed that now," the secretary says. "This is something that we take very seriously in Ohio, so no Ohioan should ever have a doubt that when their ballot is cast that it's going to be accurately counted.”

Early voting is already underway across the state for the May 7 Primary Elections.

You can find out more information about how to cast your ballot at myOhioVote.com and at your county board of elections.