Live on Kaleidoscope: Northwest Ordinance

Jul 28, 2011

Kevin Moss, Chris Karnes, DJ Miller, Pat Riley all share a love for "weird, loud music." Moss, Karnes and Riley formed the band when they were attended Wright State University along with Christopher Olvis (former co-host of Evening Excursions on WYSO). Miller joined the band later to replace Olvis on guitar and Northwest Ordinance also began to gravitate from 60s style garage rock to more of a 70s punk sound.

The band has recorded 3 albums and an EP with Columbus Discount Records. Their latest album, Walk Through the Fire, is available digitally through their bandcamp page.

Northwest Ordinance will perform on Saturday, July 30th at Blind Bobs with the Giveups, Rad Company and the End of Time. They'll also perform on Sunday, July 31st at South Park Tavern with Joe Jack Talcum (the Dead Milkmen).