Lewis Wallace Talks To WBEZ Chicago's Curious City About The Growing Curious Family

Dec 15, 2013

Are you curious about the Miami Valley, its history, people or economy? Is there a place, a person or a story that mystifies or intrigues you? Do you like to ask questions? WYSO Curious is an occasional series that lets you ask questions for WYSO reporters to answer. 

WYSO Curious is a partner of WBEZ's Curious City, which was founded by Jennifer Brandel and is one of ten Localore productions brought to life by AIR.

WYSO's Lewis Wallace talked to Jenn Brandel and Curious City editor Shawn Allee in December 2013, just before the launch of WYSO Curious—which is the first of what may become many Curious City offshoots to form across the country.

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