The Jewel Case: Up (07.12.18)

Jul 13, 2018

Here's the deal: I was going to do "Up & Down" as this week's theme- until an initial list of songs came to about 9 hours of music, that is. So, we're gonna split things up; this week we present "up" songs. Next week will "down"'s turn. Hank Williams to Coltrane to Parliament to Van Halen- all weighing in. Get up, stay up. But first...

  • Jimmy Cliff- World Upside Down
  • Las Toallitas- Rock The Pineal
  • Parliament- Up For The Downstroke
  • The Minus 5- Bambi Molester
  • Fleetwood Mac- Think About Me
  • The Bhundu Boys- Zvandinetsa
  • Jefferson Airplane- She Has Funny Cars
  • Flower Travellin’ Band- Satori Part II
  • Link Wray- Rumble
  • Richard & Linda Thompson- Shoot Out The Lights
  • Booker T. & The M.G.’s- Time Is Tight
  • Patti Smith- Up There Down There

And now for theme: Up

  • Paul Weller- From The Floorboards Up
  • James Brown- Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
  • Harry Nilsson- Gotta Get Up
  • Marvin Gaye- Got To Give It Up
  • Los Lobos- Free Up
  • Van Halen- Bottoms Up!
  • The Everly Brothers- Wake Up Little Susie
  • Stevie Wonder- Uptight (Everything’s Alright)
  • Trouble Funk- Pump Me Up
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers- Lively Up Yourself
  • Curtis Mayfield- Move On Up
  • The Gable-Airs- Move Upstairs
  • The John Coltrane Quartet- Up ‘Gainst The Wall
  • Willie Bobo- Shut Up And Pay Attention
  • Sam & Dave- Wrap It Up
  • United 8- Getting Uptown To Get Down
  • Betty Wright- Clean Up Woman
  • Hank Williams- Please Me Up Your Mind
  • J.D. McPherson- It Shook Me Up
  • Little Richard- Rip It Up
  • The Hawketts- Your Time’s Up
  • John Lee Hooker- Bottle Up & Go
  • John Vanderslice- Up Above The Sea
  • Savages- Shut Up
  • Ramones- I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
  • Tom Waits- Step Right Up
  • The Untouchables- Tighten Up
  • The Beastie Boys- Lighten Up
  • Lee Fields And Sugarman & Co.- Stand Up
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience- Up From The Skies
  • Mikal Cronin- Made My Mind Up
  • Bell X-1- The Upswing

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