Inside Co-op Swap: The Antioch Word Looks At Work And Learning

Apr 8, 2016

A pivotal part of the Antioch experience is leaving the campus once a year to go on co-op somewhere around the world. Antioch College's second year students (the class of 2018) recently returned from co-op and shared their experiences during a special edition of Community Meeting called Co-op Swap. WYSO hosted the event with Juliet Fromholt moderating the discussion, and WYSO Miller Fellow Mari Smith recorded the students' responses. In this podcast you'll hear the perspectives of Cathrine Tish, Angel Nalubega, Isabelle Segadelli, Odette Chavez-Mayo, Ellie Burck, Ashley Toll and Taylor Spratt.

The Antioch Word is a monthly podcast for the Antioch College community, about Antioch College. It is written and produced by Antioch College students working at WYSO.