Dayton Sees Support For Body Camera Program

Sep 23, 2015

Results from a survey asking about a body camera program for Dayton Police were overwhelmingly positive.
Credit User: Scott Davidson / Flickr/Creative Commons

The Dayton Police Department has received positive feedback from a survey asking about using body cameras for its officers.


City officials say 1,452 people responded and 845 of those lived in Dayton proper. Overwhelmingly, residents said they would feel safer if officers were wearing cameras and they also said it was acceptable to be video recorded by police.


Those who took part also noted interactions between officers and the community would be less confrontational, prevent false accusations and could help increase trust between the police department and community if officers wore cameras.

City officials say the survey will help the department develop new policies and training. Dayton has not purchased any cameras yet. The police department is waiting on grant money to cover the cost.

The complete survey results are available here.