City Of Dayton To Fill More Storefronts With Pop-up Shops

Jan 25, 2017

A program matching small business owners with downtown Dayton property owners is looking for new prospective tenants. The Activated Spaces Pop-up Project is part of a larger initiative to fill downtown storefronts by connecting entrepreneurs with low-cost short-term commercial leases.


Val Beerbower from the Downtown Dayton Partnership says organizers are inviting applications from people with a range of small business experience.



"Even if they’ve never been in business, if they can identify a need and they have a strong brand presence, those are all indicators that this would be a good potential match for the program," she says.


Twist Cupcakery is located at 25 S. St. Clair Street in Dayton, OH.
Credit Twistcupcakery.com

Beerbower says business owners selected for the project also receive a small stipend to help off-set startup costs. The volunteer-driven program also provides assistance with promotion during special events.


This is the Pop-up Project’s fifth year. Organizers say since it began, it has filled more than 21,000 square feet of previously vacant commercial space and created more than 40 new jobs.