Call & Response: Malcolm X's Legacy In Dayton and Beyond

May 18, 2014

Slain civil rights leader Malcom X would have been 89 years old on May, 19th.

Call and Response is an African American produced show about the Miami Valley. It is a program that stimulates and engages the core WYSO audience while speaking especially to listeners of color. Call and Response is an opportunity to share in the collective history of the multicultural community we call home.

Host Daryl Ward is one of the most recognizable voices and community leaders in Southwest Ohio. Dr. Ward lives and works in West Dayton, where he serves as pastor of the Omega Baptist Church in Dayton View.

On this inaugural edition of Call & Response, host Daryl Ward and Larry Crowe from the HistoryMakers.com project discuss the legacy of Malcolm X in 2014 including Dayton's important historical connection. The slain civil rights leader would have been 89 years old on May, 19th.