Book Nook: The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Aug 12, 2015

David McCullough's latest book about those flying brothers from Dayton, Ohio is one of the best selling non-fiction titles of 2015. So how was I able to get an interview with him? Do you think it was easy? It was not. Fortunately, I had several things going in my favor for this one. First off I contacted his publicist months before the book's publication and asked about an interview. I explained that I have interviewed David before for his biography of John Adams. His publicist mentioned that David would be coming to Dayton for an event. These were positive developments. I kept on the case, contacting the publicist repeatedly. Eventually she passed me on to another publicist who was setting his schedule. I thought I was in but I was not. This publicist said that there was another separate group of publicists who were setting his schedule, too. His agents, I suppose. Potential scheduling conflicts abounded as it came down to discussing the hottest book in the land with this legendary author. I said, fine, let's make this happen regardless. And we did. I eventually secured an interview with David on his "day off." I called him at home.

McCullough is the master of this kind of book. Enjoy the interview. I surely did.