Book Nook: The Wowzer, by Frank Wheeler Jr.

Jun 4, 2012

Sometimes people will ask me: "how do you pick the books and authors that you choose to feature on your program?" The answer isn't complicated. I look for books that are compelling, entertaining, well-written.

Frank Wheeler Jr. recently published "The Wowzer." It is his first published book. I started to read it and was immediately drawn in to this story. Our narrator is Jerry, a deputy sheriff in a rural county in the Ozarks. Jerry has a unique perspective on the world. As we look through his eyes at the reality that he sees we are drawn in to his life.

Jerry is a corrupt cop and a stone cold killer. He still lives with his grandmother. Jerry's girlfriend is a doctor. She has no idea that Jerry is living this double life as a law enforcer and a law breaker. You see, Jerry is a highly functioning sociopath.

And the author performs an incredible feat in this book; he makes us sympathize with Jerry. In Wheeler's story this strange damaged character becomes almost lovable. In this interview we discover some of the ways that this story came about. That is compelling tale in itself.