Book Nook: Wayfaring Stranger, by James Lee Burke

Aug 13, 2014

James Lee Burke has racked up more appearances on this program that any other author. There are some authors who have been on numerous times. Even so, it isn't even close. I hate to miss any opportunity to interview one of our greatest living novelists. Fortunately Burke keeps putting out books.

His most recent novel is "Wayfaring Stranger." In this interview Burke explains that this book was a long time in the making because it is based upon some of the author's family history-he had to wait a long time before he felt comfortable writing it. It was worth the wait. Out of all the books he has written he believes that this is his best book yet. 

Listen to this interview to find out what this story is about. I love talking to James Lee Burke. After 14 interviews it has gotten to the point where we greet one another and after that one never knows where our conversation will lead. I'm always glad to go wherever he wants to take me, whether it is in the pages of his latest book or during our annual meetings via the telephone. Each summer I look forward to talking to Jim about his latest book.