Book Nook: Tasting Ohio - Favorite Recipes from the Buckeye State, by Sara Bir

Aug 30, 2018

Sara Bir returned to the program to discuss her cookbook of recipes from all over Ohio. We live in a big state with varied cuisines. The food you'll find in Cleveland will be quite different from what you might discover to eat in Cincinnati. And then there are all those places in between. The author did a great job of assembling a wide variety of recipes that reflect the diversity and culinary excitement that you can find in Ohio.

There are a number of recipes from right here in our region. Chef Wiley over at The Meadowlark provided a tasty one. There are a couple of mouth watering dessert recipes from Erin Campbell at the Morgan House B&B in Yellow Springs. Then there are many more from places I had never heard of before. This cookbook will give you some new ideas for food you can prepare at home and lots of suggestion for your next foodie pilgrimage to some remote corner of Ohio.

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