Book Nook: Sins As Scarlet, by Nicolás Obregon

Jan 4, 2019

We had Nicolás Obregon on the program for his debut novel "Blue Light Yokohama." That dark murder mystery introduced readers to the deeply troubled Inspector Iwata. The author returns with his second book in the series, "Sins as Scarlet," and readers of his first book are in for a major surprise; the first novel was set in Japan while the new one takes place in Los Angeles and along the Mexican border. And Iwata is now working as gumshoe in L.A. Classic!

Illegal immigration across the Mexican border is the hottest issue in America these days. Our government is currently shut down due to this incendiary controversy. In "Sins as Scarlet" we receive a scalding fictional appraisal of some of the potential horrors that might be unfolding along our southern border.

Nicolás Obregon is an ascendant force in the genre. Read his stuff now before he becomes super famous.

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