Book Nook: Shoot the Woman First, by Wallace Stroby

Mar 24, 2014

Wallace Stroby's latest Crissa Stone novel "Shoot the Woman First" is another superb example of a literary genre where the protagonist is a sympathetic anti-hero of sorts. Crissa makes her living by stealing money. Her victims are frequently other criminals.

In this one Crissa and her cohorts have plotted a scheme to steal the ill gotten gains from a drug dealer in Detroit. They engineer their heist but things go awry. There's a betrayal and dogged pursuit in the form of a corrupt ex-cop who will do anything to track down Crissa on behalf of the drug dealer who got ripped off.

Crissa is the brains of the operation. Thus, the title: shoot the woman first. The dirty cop quickly understands that Crissa is the one he must pursue and take down. And even though Crissa is a criminal she has a heart. That might be her only weakness.