Book Nook: In Search of the Perfect Loaf - a Home Baker's Odyssey, by Samuel Fromartz

Oct 20, 2014

Following the economic downturn of 2008 Samuel Fromartz found that his opportunities to continue to earn his living as a freelance writer were dwindling. Undaunted, he turned his problem into an opportunity. Fromartz had a long standing interest in baking bread. In this interview he describes how he soon found himself in Paris searching for the best loaves, the tastiest baguettes that he could discover. He ate a lot of bread while he was in France. Later on he went there again to observe a baker who was making loaves the way they used to be made many centuries ago. 

In this delightful book "In Search of the Perfect Loaf - a Home Baker's Odyssey" he recounts his discoveries and his ongoing mission to locate the best breads he could find. He went to a lot of very interesting places and he learned a lot. In fact Fromartz might now be the best baguette baker in Washington, D.C. This is a fascinating story and as he retells it in this interview you can experience the defining moment when Fromartz made his psychic transition from writer to baker.