Book Nook: Night School, by Lee Child

Dec 1, 2016

"Night School" is the latest Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. Child is one of the hottest authors on the planet. This book went straight to #1 in the United Kingdom and the USA. Child's many fans know what they will be getting in every book; non-stop, seat of our pants, relentless thrills and entertainment.

This latest novel is actually a prequel. It is a massive flashback to Reacher's last days as an elite military policeman. It is set in the mid 1990's and Reacher is trying to locate a mysterious something that is worth 100 million dollars to the shadowy people who are trying to purchase whatever it is from "the American." Reacher has to find out who he is and what he is selling before it is too late.

Fans of this series yearn for the brief flashes of Reacher's past that Child doles out in each book. In these prequels, this one being the third, we receive full servings of the young Jack Reacher. Some of his standard behaviors are just beginning to develop; his passion for a good cup of coffee, his habit of buying new clothing to wear then discarding what he had been wearing, and his fabulous ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable opposition.

This is the third time that Lee has appeared on the program. He is a true gentlemen, a mentor to other writers, and one heck of an entertainer. Whenever I get a new Jack Reacher book it moves straight to the top of my stack.

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