Book Nook: The Man in the Crooked Hat, by Harry Dolan

Jan 5, 2018

Harry Dolan returned to the program to talk about his delightfully deceptive new mystery novel "The Man in the Crooked Hat." Dolan is a masterful plotter and this story is brilliantly conceived. Our protagonist is Jack Pellum, a reluctant private investigator and former cop who is obsessed with identifying the person who killed his wife. Pellum suspects that is was a mysterious man who had been spotted in the vicinity. This fellow had been wearing the "crooked hat" of the title.

While the killer's identity is a mystery to Pellum it isn't to us, Dolan's readers. We know that a man named Michael Underhill is probably the man who did it. What we don't know is why he did it, what other bad things he might have done, and how he will ever be brought to justice.

If you love a good mystery that will challenge your mind and entertain you then you'll probably enjoy reading this book. Harry Dolan never disappoints.

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