Book Nook: Growing Things, by Paul Tremblay

Aug 23, 2019

Paul Tremblay's new collection of horror stories, "Growing Things," has been impressing a lot of readers. Some of his admirers are quite impressive, too. Here's what the eminent horror writer Stephen King had to say about it:

"Can't praise Paul Tremblay's GROWING THINGS highly enough. 19 creepy classics that will turn your favorite easy chair into an uneasy chair. One of the best collections of the 21st century." (from Twitter)

Wow, can you imagine being a writer and having someone like him say something like that about you? Tremblay's imagination takes us to some strange locales in this book. He's masterful at blending humor with horror. He also tries out some experimental story telling modes that are a lot of fun to read. My favorite piece is his novella length "Notes from the Dog Walkers." Very funny while also being fairly creepy.

I'll confess that this is the first time I have read Tremblay. I'm looking forward to checking out his novels now. He also gives a great interview. Hopefully we can have in on the program sometime again.

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