Book Nook: On The Flyleaf, by Herbert Woodward Martin (Part 2)

Apr 14, 2014

Professor Martin returns for a second session on the program so we can talk about Herb's long held affection for the poetry of Dayton's greatest poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Herb is the leading scholar of Dunbar's prodigious output of poetry, plays, and novels.

In this interview he talks about how his relationship with Dunbar's work began at an early age and that for many years he tried to resist delving into Dunbar's vast body of work. Ultimately, it became irresistible. In this interview he reads, or, to be more specific, performs a number of Dunbar poems. He also describes how his bond with Dunbar has become so inextricable that on occasion when he's shopping at the grocery store he'll be greeted with the salutation: "Hello Mr. Dunbar." The  actual Paul Laurence Dunbar died more than a century ago.