Book Nook: Feast Day of Fools, by James Lee Burke

Sep 27, 2011

The first time I interviewed James Lee Burke the year was 1997 and he came out to the station to talk about his novel "Cimarron Rose." That book went on to win the Edgar Award for that year.

That interview was the beginning of a wonderful connection with one of America's greatest writers. Burke just published his 30th novel, "Feast Day of Fools."  The author is now 75 years old and while he has slowed down a little bit; he no longer goes out on book tours, his writing gets more powerful with each successive book.

In this interview, my twelfth conversation with the author, Burke talks about two of his most enduring characters; Sheriff Hackberry Holland, the protagonist of "Feast Day of Fools," and Preacher Jack Collins, the despicable and utterly compelling serial murderer who bedevils Hack at every turn. The author also shares some rare insights into his creative process.