Book Nook: Egg - a Culinary Exploration of the World's Most Versatile Ingredient by Michael Ruhlman

Aug 11, 2014

Michael Ruhlman returns to the program to talk about his latest culinary adventure. This time he takes us along for an exploration of what he believes is our most versatile cooking ingredient, the humble chicken egg. You can do so many different things with eggs. Ruhlman expounds upon the various permutations of this divine food.

He provides a flow chart to guide us through the use of eggs in numerous delicious forms; over easy, deep fried, coddled, poached, shirred, pressure cooked, cooked in the shell, poached, blended, separated, and egg cetera. There are lots of cooking tips, recipes, and fabulous photos of a plethora of eggy dishes.

Ruhlman's passion for fine food is infectious. You won't regret cracking open this magnificent tome.