Book Nook: The Butterfly Girl, by Rene Denfeld

Nov 8, 2019

Rene Denfeld made her third appearance on the show to talk about her third novel "The Butterfly Girl." Denfeld's work defies categorization. Her latest effort springs in part from some deeply personal experiences. This is the story of a young girl who has fled an abusive life at home to survive as a homeless kid living on the streets of a Skid Row area in the Pacific Northwest. Denfeld knows what that feels like, she once found herself in a similar situation. After you listen to the interview you might wish to track down all of her novels. They can stand alone but reading them in order is a wonderful way to experience her story telling magic.

Plus a special Best of the Book Nook bonus segment: Remembering Harold Bloom

A man who many regard as our foremost literary critic of the second half of the twentieth century has died. Harold Bloom made a couple of appearances on the program. It was truly an incredible experience to talk to someone who was so brilliant and also so unabashedly controversial. Here's an excerpt from one of our conversations.

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