Blues Views: Dixie Peach's Blues With Friends

Apr 21, 2014

Artist: Dixie Peach
Album: Blues With Friends 

Longevity has definitely had its place where this 40 year old aggregation is concerned:  perseverance, tenacity, the ability to incorporate objective change with the passage of time, concurrently allowing no musical fad de jour to infiltrate Dixie Peach's Macon, Georgia blues school approach without time worn collective scrutiny. These guys know what fits, what has worked for this sextet time and time again.

Ira Stanley, an Allman and Cooder slide progenitor of the first rank, has used the passage of time in much the same fashion that a maturing visual artist knows what strokes make the statement and what color isn't necessary.  In other words, no wasted notes or space.

Formed by Tony Paulus, Mike Rousculp and  Stanley in 1972 as a north of the Mason Dixon line living breathing guitar driven entity, the Peach continues to pays tribute to the Macon Magicians, but simultaneously presents an infinite musical canvas that opens as wide as the East Dayton musicians' capabilities allow. These guys have never stopped growing/learning and applying four decades of life experiences into a rich indigo montage.

In a brilliant move that this Fortune magazine "best guitarist"award winner incorporated into this "Blues with Friends" release, Stanley and Co. enlisted some legendary support. Grammy nominee and Nashville blues stalwart Lee Roy Parnell and Allman brothers alum Jack Pearson take this original Peach effort into cobalt sonic regions heretofore undiscovered.

This effort showcases not only the prodigious improvisational technique of the involved stringers but illuminates Paulus and Stanley's proclivity for the written word as well.

It ain't nothin' but the Blues, Brothers and Sisters, as it was, is now and ever will be for ever and ever.... can I get an Amen??

Shakin' Dave,
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Editors note: Dixie Peach performed on the Hall Pass Show March 31, 2014.