Best of the Book Nook: Greg Iles and Vince Flynn

Aug 6, 2018

"Mississippi Blood" by Greg Iles
Original recording made in 2017

Greg Iles published the third book in his "Natchez Burning" trilogy last year and it was one of my favorite novels of 2017. The author had come through Dayton on a book tour and that was probably the only reason that I was able to secure an interview. The book just came out in paperback and this gives readers another opportunity to peruse this extraordinary story (and series). The trilogy takes us over thousands of pages of gripping action set over a period of decades in Mississippi. This multi-generational saga is magnificently wrought and if this shortened version of the original interview piques your interest you can scroll back through to last year's interviews in our Book Nook archive and listen to the original interview which lasted for almost an entire hour.

A Best of the Book Nook Bonus: "Separation of Power" by Vince Flynn
Original recording made in 2001

Early in his career Vince Flynn made two appearances on the program. This interview was his final one. Flynn had already become a publishing sensation with his propulsive and high-octane series featuring his avenging warrior Mitch Rapp. These books were action packed and Mitch Rapp was always stalwartly defending the USA from terrorists, corrupt politicians, and anybody else who he perceived to be a threat. This series became quite popular with readers who were looking for fast paced reads with patriotic themes.

Sadly, Vince Flynn died a few years ago at a rather young age. The series was so popular that it has been continued with another writer taking up the cause. And many of his books including this one have been reissued to entertain and thrill the next generation of readers.

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